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Constitution Fantasy Baseball

The Only Leaguers Constitution

The Only Leaguers Fantasy Baseball Challenge Constitution 

(Effective for the 2018 Fantasy Baseball Season)


The Only Leaguers Fantasy Baseball Challenge (OLFBC) will be made up of participants from around the fantasy baseball industry. The league is designed to facilitate enjoyment as well as a place for industry minds to focus on “only league” formats.

League Composition:

The (OLFBC) will consist of 10 teams/ownership groups per league. An ownership group must manage a franchise in both the American League Only and National League Only leagues.

The Ownership Groups:

  • Dave Morris Jr – N.O.W. Roto
  • To come
  • To come
  • To come
  • To come
  • To come
  • To come
  • To come
  • To come
  • To come

League Commissioner:

Dave Morris Jr of N.O.W. Roto will be the commissioner for both leagues. In the event a situation arises where the Commissioner has a vested interest, an Alternate Commissioner shall be appointed from the league’s membership to make the ruling.

Fees and Awards:

While the main purpose for this league is to detail the “only league” style of play, a carrot at the end of the season is always nice.

Each owner will contribute $50.00 via LeagueSafe to go towards a single grand prize. This $500.00 grand prize will be awarded to the overall champion of the (OLFBC). The overall champion is determined by combining the rotisserie scores from both the American League Only & National League Only leagues for each ownership group. The combined rotisserie scores will then be sorted and the team with the highest total will be the overall champion.


  • Ownership Group A: 60 points in the AL Only League & 60 points in the NL Only League.
  • Ownership Group B: 70 points in the AL Only League & 55 points in the NL Only League
  • Ownership Group C: 40 points in the AL Only League & 75 points in the NL Only League.

The final standings would be:

  • Ownership Group B: 125 combined points
  • Ownership Group A: 120 combined points
  • Ownership Group C: 115 combined points.

The $50.00 entry fee must be paid prior to the auctions beginning.

Ownership groups may consist of either a single person managing a team in both leagues, or multiple owners. The $50.00 entry fee is per ownership group (10 total) and can be paid by any number of members within an ownership group. If a co-managed ownership group wins the overall championship they must decide how to split the winnings.

The (OLFBC) has no responsibility in this matter between owners. Winnings will be distributed to the email/account who deposited the entry fee via LeagueSafe at the beginning of the year.

Team Rosters:

  • (2) Catchers
  • (1) First Baseman
  • (1) Third Baseman
  • (1) Corner Infielder (1b/3b)
  • (1) Second Baseman
  • (1) Shortstop
  • (1) Middle Infielder (2b/SS)
  • (5) Outfielders
  • (1) Utility Hitter
  • (9) Pitchers
  • (3) Reserve
  • (5) DL Spots

Starting lineups are set weekly and lock 5 minutes before the scheduled first pitch of the first game every Monday.

A player is only eligible to be put in a DL spot if he’s on the Major League Disabled List.

Any team who does not have a full starting lineup, too many reserves, or a player on the DL who is no longer eligible will have an illegal roster. Illegal rosters do not accumulate points for the scoring period in which the roster is illegal.

Position Eligibility:

A player must meet the following criteria:

  • 20 appearances in the previous season
  • 5 appearances in the current season
  • Rookies with less than 20 MLB games played will be eligible only at the position(s) the league website (FanTrax) determines.

Any eligibility discrepancies between these rules & the league website (FanTrax) will be determined and final based upon the league websites interpretation.


Performance statistics of a player shall only accrue when the player is in the Starting Lineup. Standings and statistics will be compiled automatically by the league website. The following player statistics will be used for scoring purposes:

  • Hitters:
    • Batting Average (AVG)
    • On-Base Percentage + Slugging Percentage (OPS)
    • Home Runs (HR)
    • Runs Scored ®
    • Runs Batted In (RBI)
    • Stolen Bases (SB)
  • Pitchers:
    • Wins (W)
    • Saves (Sv)
    • Holds (Hld)
    • Strikeouts (K)
    • Earned Run Average (ERA)
    • Baserunner Ratio (WHIP)

League standings are computed in a Rotisserie-style format.

Category ties are handled by equally dividing the total points of the tied teams.

Ties in the final standings for individual leagues & the overall standings will be broken by the following method:

  • Team ahead in the most categories
  • Most first place category finishes, most second place category finises, etc., util tie is broken.
  • If teams remain tied, position is shared, along with any prizes.

Teams must accumulate a minimum of 900 Innings Pitched to be eligible for points in the two ratio pitching categories (ERA and WHIP). Any team that does not reach this threshold will score zero points in the ratio categories.

All MLB Regular Season games, including tiebreakers added to the end of the season, shall be included in final tabulation of the stats for the season.


The league auctions will take place on the following dates:

  • American League: Saturday March 17th 8:00 A.M. PST
  • National League: Saturday March 24th 8:00 A.M PST

All players available in the FanTrax player pool for the particular league will be eligible for nomination and bidding.

Each ownership group will have a base amount of $265 per auction in their auction budget. This $265.00 will be used to acquire a team’s 26-man roster (23 active | 3 reserve). If a team purchases a player on the DL, that player will count towards his 26-man active roster. This player can be DL’d with a new player added via the FAAB process detailed below the first FAAB period of the season (one week prior to the start of the MLB season: Sunday March 25th, 2018)

Ownership groups will nominate players in an order determined by a random sort via the host website (FanTrax) system.

All bids must be a minimum of $1.00 and a whole dollar amount.

Winning bids become the player’s salary for the season.

Owners may not pass when it’s their turn to nominate a player. Once an ownership group fills their 26-man roster, that ownership group can no longer bid or nominate players.

No team may bid on a player that it cannot afford. If a position or reserve spot is unavailable for a particular players eligibility, that player can also not be bid on by the particular ownership group.



Trades are allowed in the (OLFBC). Trades are only allowed in the individual leagues. An ownership group in American League Only league may not trade a player to an ownership group in the National League Only league. Trades within the respective leagues may also not be based upon a potential trade in the other league.


American League Only: Ownership Group A decides to trade Marcus Semien and Danny Salazar to Ownership Group D for Corey Kluber and Aroldis Chapman because in the National League Only league, Ownership Group D is sending Clayton Kershaw and Kenley Jansen to Ownership Group A for Addison Russell and Dan Straily.

The trades must make sense in the context of the individual leagues or they will not be allowed. This is at the discretion of the Commissioner, who has the ability to send the trade to a vote.

The trade deadline is Friday, August 31st, 2018.

Free Agency:

Players not currently on a fantasy team’s roster may be acquired once a week through a FAAB Process.

Each ownership group will be given $1,000 FAAB per league to start the season. Zero dollar bids are not allowed.

Each owner will submit their blind-FAAB bids weekly. FAAB will run on Sunday Evenings at 8:00 P.M. PST, beginning Sunday March 25th, 2018 until the final Sunday of the Major League Baseball Regular season.

Players who were previously owned and dropped will retain their 2018 salary based upon their auction acquisition cost. Players who were not bid upon during the auction and are being added via FAAB will have a salary of $10.00. With no salary cap due to a trade review system in place, this $10.00 figure will not be a factor in roster construction.

League Switchers:

With both of the leagues comprising the (OLFBC) being “only leagues”, players entering or exiting the player pool either via trade or signings will occur during the regular season.

For players already rostered, whether by auction or FAAB, who are traded out of the league (AL to NL or vise-versa), may continue to be rostered and accumulate points for the particular ownership group. If the ownership group drops the player who exited the particular league, that player will not be eligible to be re-added by a new team via FAAB. Players rostered prior to exiting the league are however eligible to be traded to another team within a particular league. If the acquiring team were to drop this league exiter at some point in the future, that player is again not eligible to be re-acquired via FAAB.

Players added to the league either by trade or signing (A player coming from the NL to the AL or vise-versa) is eligible to be added in the new league for which he appears via the FAAB process weekly.


All owners have the right to protest the Commissioner’s decision regarding any action they feel is unfair to them or to the league.

The whole of the league’s membership, minus the Commissioner and the protestor(s) will vote on the issue and render a final decision.

To overturn the Commissioner’s action, a protest must receive one-half plus one of all of the voting-eligible owners.

The results of a protest are final.